In times of crisis, logistics becomes even more important. In the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the industry is adjusting on the fly to keep people fed, move vital medical supplies and Personal Protective Equipment, and maintain the flow of commerce.

The supply chain disruption caused by the virus is currently moving from east to west. As China and parts of Asia revive and boost production, the focus is on moving this cargo to the rest of the world. Air freight is currently taking the biggest hit as mounting travel restrictions and cancelled passenger flights shrink global air freight capacity. As more countries go into some form of lockdown, the biggest issue is not that of supply, but the drying up of demand.

It’s an extremely volatile market with freight rates and capacity in constant flux. Things change in the time it takes to make a phone call or send an email. More than ever, the logistics industry must work to optimise operations, providing carriers and forwarders with reliable information, using digital tools for real-time visibility and communications to #keepcargomoving.

The pandemic has driven home the urgency and importance of a digitised supply chain. Without the tools we have today, it would take months to begin to bring supply and demand into balance. Digital tools are going to accelerate that process and make it much smoother so that markets can quickly stabilise once demand ramps up. Online platforms give us the ability get a 360-degree view and adjust instantly for variables in capacity, scheduling, pricing, and documentation.

From the start of this crisis, Agility has used its digital tools to keep trade flowing. Every day, we are working with customers to find shipping and warehousing solutions and workarounds all over the globe, no matter the constraints. We are keeping customers informed about the status of cargo capacity, freight consolidation, customs clearance and warehousing around the world through the industry’s most comprehensive Coronavirus update.

Agility is working to #keepcargomoving.